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Think you're the only one who ships one of the less conventional pairings on Supernatural? Ever want to read or write something out of the ordinary, but you don't know where to find it or don't think anyone would read it? That's what spnrarepairs is for--fics, art/graphics, and fanmixes for your favorite rare pairings.

Important Dates

May 1st - May 21st: Signups
June 1st (sooner if possible): Assignments sent out
July 1st: Drop out deadline
August 1st - August 30th: Posting!


* The following pairings are not allowed, due to their popularity in fandom:


- Sam/Dean
- Sam/Jess
- Sam/Gabriel
- Sam/Ruby
- Dean/Castiel
- Dean/Jo
- John/Mary


- Jared/Jensen
- Jared/Sandy
- Jared/Genevieve
- Jensen/Danneel

Similarly, threesomes that include a non-rare pair (Sam/Dean/Bela) are not allowed. Threesomes with two non-rare pairs (Sam/Dean/Jo) are still not allowed.

If you wish, you may request ONE of these non-rare pairs as genderswap. For example, girl!Sam/Dean, girl!Jared/girl!Jensen, Sam/girl!Dean/Jess. You may request as many genderswapped rare pairs as you like, but keep in mind that doing so may reduce your chances of receiving a gift with that pairing.

* Original characters (both male and female) are allowed, as long as half the pairing is a canon character (Sam/OMC, Ellen/OFC, etc.)

* Crossovers are not allowed. This means no John/Izzie, no Jared/Dean, no girl!Sam/Inara, etc.

* You may not create a gift that features a rare pair in the background and a non-rare pair as the focus. Rare pairs must be the focus of the gift.

* All fics must be over 1000 words in length. For artists: 1 large piece (a wallpaper), 2-3 medium pieces (eg. headers less than 300x600), or 8-10 icons minimum. Fanmixes should include between 8 and 15 songs. If you happen to find yourself itching to try writing more than one prompt, or if you've written a fic and decided that you would like to make some art or a mix as well, then please do.

* All fics must be beta'd. Try spn_betas if you're in need of one, and we will be setting up a beta volunteering post shortly.

* July 1st is the deadline for dropping out. If there are extenuating circumstances, PM the mods, or email them at

* Please include ratings and warnings on your gift. We don't want any surprises.

* All gifts must be original works for this community, and complete (no WIPs).

* You must post your story, art, or fanmix to the community, but please feel free to post it elsewhere after it's been approved.

* Please keep your assignment a secret! (Obviously, your beta doesn't count.)

* If there are any issues, tell us. Contact us via PM or
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