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Supernatural Rare Pair Exchange

A Rare Pair Love Fest
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spnrarepairs is a fic, art, and fanmix exchange devoted to rare Supernatural and Supernatural RPF pairings. As much as we love Sam/Dean and other popular ships, we think lesser-known ones need love, too!

This works like any Secret Santa Exchange--if you want to take part, just sign up with your request and what you can and can't do. You'll be assigned another participant to create a gift (fic, art, or fanmix) for based on their request, and someone will be making one for you, to be revealed when posting time comes around!

Your moderators are little_missmimi, lavendergaia, and scorpiod1. Please direct any questions, comments, concerns, love, abuse, etc. to spnrarepairsmods@gmail.com

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